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Company overview

Company overview  Gold Bridge Group, LLC which specializes in real estate investment strategies, sustainable developments counseling, ROI optimizers and effective planning.  Within the next five years, it is our goal to sell/lease more than $250 million and open 5 or more locations in different cities to ultimately develop a fully sustainable community.

About our founder

Luis Figueroa, M.S., MBA

Lic.Real Estate Broker

Luis help client with investment strategies, return on investment maximization and consult commercial client on different business aspects.

About Luis Figueroa

Luis Figueroa moved to Orlando, Florida in 2007. After earning a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering, MS in Civil Engineering and a Master in Business Administration (with a focus in International Business) he has gained expertise in Urban Planning, Sustainable Communities, Renewable Energy, Investment analysis and Development.

In 2011, Luis passed his Real Estate Sales License, obtained a position with V-Enterprises, and then with Luxury Realty, where he has sold/leased more than $6 million in Miami, Orlando and Tampa. In October 2014, he established own enterprise, Gold Bridge Group, with the goal of continuing his successful record, and becoming among the top real estate & consulting companies in the Nation.


We believe business planning, development and consulting should always be an easygoing systematic system, where the buyer and seller receives the highest return possible on their investment.


Gold Bridge Group was established with the philosophy that business must provide a process that deliver a positive result for all parties, based on their individual investment needs. 

Market Strategy: In Gold Bridge we maximize resources using bootstrapping methodology and analyzing each situation accordingly. The brand expansion of Gold Bridge Group will also encompass global travel to promote our products in Brazil, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Russia, New Delhi, Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Tokyo, Colombia and other countries. Amid this expansion, we will bring an EB-5 advisor and a private lender to further develop our commercial and residential investment opportunities.

Business methodology

Gold Bridge Group believes in state-of-the-art technology to satisfy the growing demand of investment requirements. We developed a system to produce consistent results for all clientele.

Ryan Malone, M.S., MBA


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